Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Litigation System Is Working

We are pleased with the way our litigation system is working out.  Have a project management style approach to business litigation.  We keep the client informed of the progress of the case and meet once a month to discuss the case and the fees and costs anticipated for the next month. The client decides the course of the case and what actions to take.  The system is also a pay as you pay approach since the client decides what actions to take and pays each month in advance. Of course, the other side cannot be controlled but we can anticipate what it might do.

We are presently in a business litigation matter representing a large firm.  We were served with a large amount of written discovery earlier in the month.  We might have been overwhelmed.  Instead, we met with our client and developed a plan to respond.  We hired a law clerk and a contract attorney to help with the discovery and some research we needed.  We carefully briefed them and added them as user to our online management system.  They uploaded the documents they drafted for review and revision. Our client was fully informed.  We will respond fully and on time, and at considerably less cost than a traditional firm would have charged.  Our ability to expand as necessary to meet the needs of a case are a real strength for us.

We are still working on our systems but we believe that we can developing a new way of litigating.

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